MNJohn Wildlife of the US - Collector's Guide

State Animal Picture Available? Notes
Alabama Southern Flying Squirrel Alabama - MNJohn Wildlife of the US Yes: Southern Flying Squirrel Release date 8/4/23
Alaska Arctic Fox MNJohn Wildlife of the US: Arctic Fox Yes: Arctic Fox Release date 8/4/23
Arizona Ring Tail Cat Yes: Ring Tail Cat Release date 8/4/23
Arkansas White Tail Deer MNJohn Wildlife of the US - White Tail Deer Yes: White Tailed Deer Release date 8/4/23
California Sea Otter Yes: Sea Otter Release date 8/4/23
Colorado American Pika  Yes: American Pika Release date 8/4/23
Connecticut Eastern Box Turtle MNJohn Wildlife of the US Connecticut Eastern Box Turtle Yes: Eastern Box Turtle Release Date 8/31/23
Delaware Grey Fox MNJohn Wildlife of the US Delaware Grey Fox Yes: Grey Fox Release Date 8/31/23
Florida Manatee Yes: Manatee Release Date 8/31/23
Georgia Northern Right Whale Yes: Northern Right Whale Release Date 8/31/23
Hawaii Hawaiian Monk Seal Yes: Hawaiian Monk Seal Release Date 8/31/23
Idaho Monarch Butterfly Yes: Monarch Butterfly Release Date 8/31/23
Illinois Rock Bass Yes: Rock Bass Release Date 8/31/23