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  • Postcard Suggestion Thread: Fall and Winter 2021-22

    What kind of cards should I design this fall/winter? Let me know your ideas!
  • Buy Doge Cards with Dogecoin!

    Send some fun doge cards to all your friends! I'm in the process of jumping through a zillion hoops to get verified to add dogecoin to my automati...
  • Postcard Suggestion Thread, February/March 2021

    This is the spot for you to leave suggestions for what MN John Postcards you'd like to see next! Is there something you collect? Drop me a suggesti...
  • MN John will be at Sip Shop Eat, Brooklyn NY, April 24-25, 2021

    I'm pleased to announce that I'll be at Sip Shop Eat along with over 25 other small brands. You'll be able to snag my postcards and stickers in-per...
  • The 2020 Collectors List is Here

    2020 is over, thank goodness. It turns out I spent a lot of time in quarantine designing cards! Which ones have you received?