What to Buy to Get Started with Postcrossing!

Ready for a journey that's all about connection, cultural exchange, and just plain fun? Postcrossing might be your new favorite hobby!

Postcrossing lets you send and receive postcards from people all over the world, sharing stories and making new friends along the way. But before we jump into it, let's make sure you've got everything you need to get started.

Section 1: Items for Sending Postcards

  1. Postcards: The heart of Postcrossing! Choose a variety of postcards that reflect your interests, whether it's landscapes, animals, art, or quirky illustrations. Get a surpise pack of postcards from MNJohn.com to ensure you have a good variety of designs to get started.

  2. Stamps: Ensure you have a good supply of stamps on hand to send your postcards on their journey. International stamps are essential for sending mail abroad. Only buy stamps from your local post office or USPS.com. Many online "discount" sellers of stamps are fraudsters selling counterfeits, and USPS will destroy any counterfeits they find in the mail stream!

  3. Washi Tapes: Add a personal touch to your postcards with colorful washi tapes. They're perfect for decorating the borders or securing your message. You can find washi tapes on MNJohn.com, Etsy, or Amazon.

  4. Rubber Stamps and Ink Pads: Rubber stamps are one of my favorite ways to personalize and decorate postcards! Here are some ideas:
    A self-inking date stamp
    These postage stamp clear acrylic designs
    A Postcard ID Stamper!

  5. Pens and Markers: Don't forget to pack high-quality pens and markers for writing your messages. Opt for waterproof ones to prevent smudging during transit. Or get into the wild world of fountain pens! I adore Ferris Wheel Press Ink, which, if you are in Cleveland, you can buy from Doki Doki Kawaii Shop (a VERY neat shop run by a friend!)

Section 2: Items for Collecting Received Postcards

  1. Albums: Keep your cherished postcards organized and protected in albums. Choose acid-free sleeves to prevent yellowing and damage over time. Here are the albums and sleeves I use:
    Sleeves - 4x6 and 5x7

  2. Storage Bins or Boxes: If you have a growing collection of postcards, consider investing in storage bins or boxes to keep them neatly organized.

  3. Display Stands: Showcase your favorite postcards on display stands or racks. It's a wonderful way to appreciate their beauty and share them with guests.

  4. Magnifying Glass: For those intricate designs or tiny details, a magnifying glass can come in handy for closer inspection and appreciation.

With these essential items in hand, you're all set to dive into the wonderful world of Postcrossing. Happy sending and receiving!


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